Hiroyuki Mochida Horsemanship

Hokkaido is rich in nature. HMH is a horse riding facility located in Tokachi, 20 minutes south of Obihiro City.

Why not enjoy horse riding in a rich natural eironment surrouunded by the majestic mountains of Tokachi?From beginners to advanced riders, all are welcome!

For those who want to learn how to communicate more closely with horses at HMH, we offer horsemanship courses and training. Also, we conduct horse shows and demonstrations on request for events and other occasions. So, please don’t hestate to contact us!

Price List

Horse Riding

◆Horse riding with someone leading the horse ¥1,000

◆Horse riding beginner’s course(20min) ¥3,500

◆Horse riding school(40min)  ¥7,000

◆Horse riding school(40min×4times)  ¥24,000

◆One-year riding course                         ¥120,000                    (Riding per visit ¥1,500  Lesson one time ¥1,500)


Ground Work

◆beginner’s course(20min)           ¥3500

◆Ground work school(40min)           ¥7000

◆Horse training school(40min×4time)             ¥24,000                         

One-week stay at HMH(7days)

Farm work experience & communication with horses (Food and accommodation not included)             ¥82,500